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Current Projects

Fluid Interlocks is proud to have supplied the following companies with Fluid Interlocks safety products


Safety First

Fluid Interlocks are fire safe according ANSI / API standard 607, 6th Edition, September 2010. NEN-EN-ISO 10497: 6th Edition, 2010, IDT and ISO9001 2008 Certified. meeting the highest safety and quality standards


Our philosophy has emerged from 10 years of valve interlocking experience working with world’s leading oil & gas companies. It is our mission to eliminate any chance of failure and enhance process safety. We design, manufacture and install interlocking systems that just work. We believe that user-friendliness and process safety are inseparably linked.



With the Fluid Interlocking system design we re-invented every element of the system to make it not only more safe but also allowing for more compact, robust, durable and user-friendly systems. Interlocking, that always works.


In a fraction of the space

Fluid Interlocks compact design brings minimal installation height fitting easily into any project. Avoiding any possible interference with other valves or pipelines in the field.

Near seamless design

The most efficient way to protect systems from contamination in the harshest environments is by reducing seams and screws. That’s why we reduced over fifty percent of the number of screws and made the design almost seamless.


Secured Tagplates

We believe that text-plates used for key and interlock identification need to be fastened with screws so a small but essential part of the system is secured.


Revolutionary valve
counting mechanism

Fluid Interlocks' patented valve counting mechanism is engineered and constructed to ensure the “locked open” and “locked closed” position of the interlocked valve. The mechanism will never skip, slip or miss and is build to last. Set and forget.

Multidirectional lock-portions

We believe that user-friendliness of the Fluid Interlocking systems will improve process safety. Therefore we designed a multidirectional lock-portion. No matter which way the valve is orientated, the lock-portions can always be mounted in the user-friendliest way.


316-Stainless steel lever

Fluid Interlocking systems come with a 316SS ergonomic designed lever. According to valve specifications a custom length lever applies the right tension for easy operation.

316-Stainless steel handwheel

Fluid Interlocking systems come with a 316SS ergonomic designed handwheel. According to valve specifications a custom diameter handwheel delivers the right torque for easy operation.

Easy Installation

Fluid Interlocking systems are designed to fit effortlessly without modification on any valve and can be installed on a live plant.

Smooth operation

Lockportion and key are modular designed to smoothly drive the locking and unlocking mechanisms in the different models of Fluid Interlocking systems. Setting the codings in both key and lock is a very efficient process and makes same day shipping possible.




Fluid Interlocks' interlocking team consists of well trained site service engineers who have years of experience of working with world’s leading oil & gas companies in integrating interlocking solutions - from measurement to commissioning.

  • On site service support
  • 24/7 support hotline
  • Sequence Design
  • Measurement
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Survey
  • Training
  • Commisioning
Fluid Interlocks delivers interlocking systems directly from stock. All spare parts are available for same-day shipment.

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Please visit Fluid Interlocks' Download Center where all documentation is available for download (clients only).


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